Session Style
For clients, one of the toughest parts of the photographic process is deciding what to wear. You are investing in beautiful photos and want everything, including what you are wearing to be perfect. Below is a guideline for dressing you're very best for your shoot.

Newborns are the easiest since they will be either nude or in wraps the majority of the time. For you and the rest of your family, it is best to wear neutral, creamy colors. Beige, white, and in some cases black are all great colors for the family to wear. Pops of colors such as a pink or blue hair accessory will add a nice touch.

Children, couples, and families
The biggest rule of thumb for sessions with more than one person is to coordinate but NOT match. This will allow every member of the family to have a special place in the photo. It is also important to dress so everyone feels comfortable.
Think vintage and timeless.

Accessories add personality to your photos, nothing too crazy. As far as colors are concerned go with the season. Summer and spring are perfect for pastels and whites. Fall is great for rich reds and oranges, and winter is ideal for almost any color! Please avoid neon colors.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable, but also, that really shows off that bump! Well, fitted flowy dresses are ideal.  

Some do's are as follows
Wear layers
Colors are wonderful 
Hair clips and other accessories will add lots of personality

Some do not's are as follows
No logos on shirts
No clothes that date (go for timeless, not fashionable)
No matching clothes
No neon colors
jeans and t-shirts are not ideal

The bottom line is that it is important to be yourself and feel free to bring up a few changes of clothes if desired.