Birth Photography Information
We capture all the special days of our lives, so why should the birth of your child be any different? Having a birth photographer be there to capture these memories for you allows you and your family to focus on the journey of birth and not worry about who is going to take those precious first images of your baby. Your family and partner will be able to be fully there for you and you will get the added benefit of having professional quality photos of your whole labor and delivery. Below are some frequent questions about birth photography. If you would like more information or are trying to decide if birth photography is right for you please contact

What is birth photography?
Birth photography is having a professional, experienced photographer present during your labor, delivery, and the first few hours of your baby's arrival. This can include any birth plan you may have.  Home, birthing center, or hospital. 

Do you photograph the whole labour and delivery?
Yes I do. However, I know some mothers may not want certain photos taken such as photos of the baby coming out or mom in the nude (if this is how she chooses to birth) We will go over all details and can be as open or discrete with the type of images you want. 

Will you post photos on your blog or website?
This is 100% up to you. All the birth posts I do are done tastefully with no nudity and focus on the baby. If you do choose to have the photos on my website the post will first be shared and approved by you. 

When will you show up for the birth?
I show up during active labor. This is normally when you are around 5-6cm dilated.However, if this is not your first child and you know your labour goes quick I will show up much sooner. 

How long will you stay? What if I have a long labor?
I will stay throughout your labor and delivery and typically 2 hours afterwards to capture your first moments with your baby. If you have a long labor no need to worry I am in it for the long haul and will stay as long as need be. 

How many photos will I get?
this depends on the length of your labor/delivery and if any complications arise. Normally clients will receive between 100-200 photos. 

What if I need a C-section?
This will be up to your doctor and hospital if I am allowed to be present. All hospitals are different and I would recommend finding out their policies beforehand. 

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?
Yes if you are planning on having your baby at a birth center or hospital it is important to get permission beforehand. Most hospitals are very good with letting me in and I have yet to have a problem. 

When should I book you?
I only do one birth a month to prevent any overlaps so it is important to book as soon as you can. 

Do you use a flash?
Most of the time no. However in rare cases, I may have to use a flash bouncer that allows more light for the photos. If you are wanting a dark birth I will do my best to capture as much as I can.

Will the photos be in color or black and white?
Most photos of the labor and delivery will be in black and white. Photos of after your birth will be in both color and black and white. If you would prefer all color or all black and white this is fine too.