Noah was born on a cold, rainy May day. His mom was in early labor for a few weeks and after a LOT of walking he was finally down far enough to have her water broken. After that is was an easy, quick birth.

Water was broken at 2:15pm Noah1 noahs birth Dad was an amazing coach! He knew when he was needed to push on her hips for counter pressure, and never complained once. noahs birth noahs birth After about an hour of walking around and playing some fabulous music it was time to get in the tub Noah11 Noah27 Noah35 Noah39 After about an hour in the tub mom wanted out and almost right away she was ready to start pushing. She started out on the bed.... Noah55 noahs birth and ended up on a birth stool for the actual delivery Noah84 Noah47 At exactly 5:00pm Noah James entered the world. He weighed 9lbs 6ozs and was 20in long! His parents gushed over thier chuncky little man! Noah98 noah He is perfect! Noah106 noahs birth Noah125 noahs birth Noah122 Noah169 Noah114 Noah173 Noah186 Thank you Shelia and Jim for this amazing opportunity, your birth was amazing to witness and sparked a new passion in my photography journey Noah182 Noah185 Noah183 In the end it was all worth it noahs birth