Welcome To Lifestyle Sessions
As I have grown as a photographer, my style has evolved. This is most notable in my newborn session. I would like to give all of you a peak inside Inspired Photography's redesigned lifestyle newborn sessions. As you can see below, my new outlook makes these sessions, intimate, lovely, and includes the whole family. Instead of using a ton of props I am focusing on your newest addition and how much joy they are bringing to your growing family.

These sessions will be done all around your home. They really show a glimpse of what it is like having a new baby in the home. During the summer we can also get some great shots outdoors as well. I have learned that doing a session this way results in not only better photos, but less stress on everyone involved. When you do set-up newborn sessions, patients is key and it can take up to 1/2 hour to get the baby settled and into position. With a lifestyle session the baby just needs to be a baby. We do lots of shots nude and with the little one in wraps. Therefore, your baby is less likely to fuss and this means a more calm mom and dad. 

I hope you all will enjoy the new look of Inspired Photography's newborn sessions!

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