Safety First

Here at Inspired Photography safety is of the up most importance. Especially when it comes my littlest clients. In order to obtain the best images, a lot of times for newborns and babies I have to do what is called a composite shot. This is when I take two or more images and combine them in Photoshop.

At every newborn session I have or use one the parents as a spotter. This means they are right near the baby at all times, and in a lot of cases is stabilizing the baby as well. Below are a few examples of how I achieve my images.

Please be very aware of safety when picking a photographer, ask questions about what safety precautions they have in place. This is extremely important with newborns and babies.

Besides using spotters and doing composite images, also make sure they have an understanding of newborns in general. For example newborns cannot regulate their body temperature so during all sessions it is important to have at least one space heater along with the room temperature set to at least 70.

Here we see mom sitting right in the corner in case little Sophia rolls or moves.

Final Image

In this one mom holds Sophia in place and lifts up here hands real quick while I snap the photos Sophia20

Final Images Image7

Here is an example of how I do a composite shot. Mom holds little Jack on either side of the horse, and through the magic of photoshop we make her disappear!